These are close-out items that Splash will no longer be manufacturing or carrying. We are selling them direct from the factory to relieve inventory.

LegendPools are the oval answer for your swimming needs. They come in two exterior colors and two different sizes. The prices on the LegendPools are for the pool, structure and ladder. The LegendPool comes with a one year warranty. The prices DO NOT include a pump/filter system for the pool. Currently we are offering FREE SHIPPING to 48 contingent states on the LegendPools. See the LegendPools page for more information.

The Premier Pool was designed, specified and named by a northern state pool company that asked Splash to build it for them using our high quality production capabilities. When the time came to deliver the pools, the economy had severely declined in their marketing areas, and despite their best efforts and intentions, they were unable to take all the pools. In order to help our good customer, Splash has chosen to make these pools available thru Select Dealerships in a few southern states and direct on-line, to the general public at a significant discount, as we need to clear our inventory to make room for our new production pools. The Premier Pool comes in the popular sizes of rectangle and round pools that have been appearing in backyards for many years. The 4 foot depth of water is perfect for games, swimming and enjoying the water. It comes with a one year quality of manufacturing warranty from Splash SuperPools. We are not warranting for design or materials. See the Premier Pool page for more information.

Miscellaneous category includes everything from waterproof phones to blow-up pool toys. Check out the great deals!