SuperStream 9x17x4 Pool

SuperStream 9x17x4 Pool

Product Description

Keeping America Physically Fit! The SuperStream is specially designed to attract people who want to stay active in exercise programs without putting undue stress on joints, and ligaments, or pocketbooks.

Whether you are interested in cardiovascular exercise, long distance endurance training, injury rehabilitation, or just an efficient way to burn a few calories, SuperStream is the product for you. This unique pool is great for swimming, aqua aerobics, aqua jogging and various other resistance training activities, Senior citizens, athletes, swimming enthusiasts, persons requiring physical therapy and chronic pain sufferers can all benefit from the wide range of hydrotherapeutic and exercise features of the SuperStream.

The SuperStream counter current system can generate up to a 4mph resistant current. That's more than enough to keep most swimmers stroking at an effective cardio workout rate. The SuperStream is not intended for sprint swimmers, although with adjustments available for water flow and swimmer placement, the enduarnce building benefits can help swimmers at any level. Swimming coaches can utilize this unique training pool to get up close and personal with their swimmers while assessing stroke technique and performance. But this great pool is more than just a venue for serious swimmers. It is also serious fun for the entire family.

Your SuperStream is pre-packaged with parts and accessories needed for immediate use. It will take two people an afternoon to fully assemble the pool. 220-volt service will be required and should be provided by a licensed professional electrician. Then, just add water!

The SuperStream is perfect for aqua-jogging, aqua-aerobics, swimming and family fun!

This package includes:,
--9x17x4 SuperStream Pool, structure, SplashLadder, skimmer, hoses and wall fittings.
--A 60 sq. ft. cartridge system with a 1hp pump for filtering the water.
--The kit also contains a 4.3hp pump, two high-output jets, manifold and plumbing to hook up the resistance current. This system is separate from the filtration system.
--Free Shipping to the lower 48 states of the U.S.

This online offer is not available in Iowa, Vermont or New Hampshire.